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Helse Ultrasonic

Helse AAE 2018 Booth Dazzle Video

Updated with AAE 2018 show special. Approved by Flavio 4-19-18.

Media player Instructions :

Copy move to be the only thing on a fresh USB thumb drive

Playback Setup: Set the USB video player to autoplay and loop.(Call T. and he will walk you thought it 505-450-8840.)

2018 AAE Delivery List

4-23-18 notes

Megan Payton Sykes will be delivering 17 boxes/items to the Comfort Suites Hotel at 11AM MDT. The hotel will be already be holding 3 boxes under the name “Flavio Quintela – GUEST at Comfort Suites.”

AAE Delivery List

2018 AAE Packing List

Flavio, these are items in your current possession that need to be packed.

1 Sidebanner & structure
2 LED lights
2 Light Clamps
1 10ft Banner Structure
1 Stool
1 Monitor
1 Video Player
1 USB with dazzle video
Helse business cards