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A passionate group of folks.

T. Payton

Principal – Creative Director

Along with Wendy Spalsbury, T. founded OneCreative in 2002. With a background in radio broadcasting and experience as an illustrator in 7th grade art class, T. got into design when a buddy from church asked to borrow his Mac for some Quark XPress work. From that point on he was hooked. Besides concepting and and developing brands, T. serves in the more “geeky” aspects of OneCreative including writing out workflow software, and getting his hands dirty with our many servers. Concepting, shooting and editing are among his current passions.


Wendy Spalsbury

Principal – Creative Director

Principal and co-founder of One Creative Inc., Wendy has lead teams in creating and shepherding brands for companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. Wendy is passionate about mentoring and leading the creative community as well as her clients into the realm of design thinking utilizing the power of “Why” to solve problems.


Jon Garcia

Production Artist – Editor

Jon grew up in West Texas and began his career editing and shooting video for the local NBC-affiliate before being promoted to creative director.  After 4-years as the creative director, Jon packed up and moved to Albuquerque. An award-winning cinematographer, editor, and photojournalist, Jon is enjoying the creative endeavors and collaboration as part of the One Creative team.

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